Water Damage Repair Dublin

Water Damage Repair

You’ve all heard those neighborhood horror stories of people waking up in the middle of the night to the sound of dripping water and discovered that their roof was leaking in several spots, or those stories of returning from dinner out with with friends, to discover your three year old has plugged the toilet the toilet and it overflowed all over the bathroom while the babysitter was on the phone. While these stories may be told with some amusement, have you ever wondered what you would do if your were faced with such a situation? Water damage occurs to homes every single day, and the amount of damage your home will suffer during a water emergency will be determined on just how fast and efficiently that water damage emergency is dealt with. That’s why we here at Dublin Carpet Cleaners offer a water damage repair service to all of our customers and potential customers. We know that any time water enters your home, stopping the flow of that water quickly, and removing any moisture in your home is going to key to limiting the amount of water damage your home suffers.

24 Hour Service

That’s why we offer 24 hour, 7 day a week water damage repair services. Because we know that when you have a water emergency, you can’t wait until business hours or the week end is over to deal with the problem. When your in need of water damage control and repair and give us a call we will be on our way within minutes to help you deal with that water emergency and we’ll do everything we can to limit the amount of damage your home suffers and will even make the necessary repairs for you.

Types of Water Damage Emergencies We Deal With

We deal with all different types of water damage emergencies in your home including:

  • Major flooding
  • Broken water mains
  • Breaches in storm drain protocol
  • Broken fish tanks
  • Broken or plug toilets
  • Leaking roofs, basements or even crawl spaces
  • broken water pipes
  • Leaking appliance hoses
  • Broken radiators

The truth is even what may seem like a small water emergency can result in thousands of dollars worth of damage if the water is removed quickly, and everything dried to prevent the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew. Which is why it essential, to act quickly in any water emergency. Our water repair technicians are trained to deal with every aspect of that water emergency.

Temporary Repairs

Should your water damage be cause by a leaking roof, broken pipe or other causes that allows for water to continue to enter your home, our water damage technicians will find the cause of that water flow and immediately make temporary repairs to stem the flow the water.

Water Extraction

They will also use powerful water extraction machines to remove any standing water from your home, and dehumidifiers and fans to dry up excess moisture from your floors, walls, furniture, carpeting, and the air to prevent any further water damage and the spread of bacteria, mold and mildew.

Clean up Services

We then provide clean up services including sanitizing the affect area and treating it for mold and mildew. We clean carpeting, and upholstery as well.


Once the actual emergency is over we also work with you in identifying any water damage and then will make the repairs to return your home to previous condition.

If you have water damage and need and wanted it taken care of quickly and efficiently then give us a call at 925-201-6470 and we will be on our way to help you deal with your water damage emergency.

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We provide water damage repair services in ZIP code 94568 of Dublin, California and surrounding areas including Pleasanton, CA
San Ramon, CA
Fairview, CA
Castro Valley, CA
Hayward, CA
Union City, CA
Danville, CA
Livermore, CA
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