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Upholstery Cleaning

What do you do when your Upholstered furniture begins to look dingy, develops stains or worse, begins to smell slightly less than fresh? Do you rush out and buy new? That can be expensive. Do you call in a professional and it have everything, or at least the offending piece of furniture reupholstered? That too is expensive and won’t cure an odor problem. Or do you call on the professional carpet cleaning services of Dublin carpet cleaners and get your upholstered furniture looking good again for a reasonable price?

Upholstered furniture adds to the charm of your homes décor, and makes your home more comfortable for you and your family. However, just like the rest of your house that upholstered furniture is subject to dirt and stains and odors and simply needs to cleaned from time to time. Sure vacuuming that upholstered furniture frequently will keep your furniture looking better for a longer period of time, but there does come a time when vacuuming is simply not enough. When that happens we can clean that upholstered furniture for you including dealing with all types of stains and odors. Types of upholstery we clean includes:

  • Polyester
  • Silk
  • Satin
  • Velvet
  • Leather
  • Pleather
  • Suede
  • Wool and wool blends
  • Natural and synthetic fabrics

Best of all we can clean a single piece of furniture or all the upholstered furniture in your entire house, including cleaning those drapes blinds and tapestries.

We Do Mattress Cleaning Too

Along with cleaning your living room, dining room, and family room upholstered we have state of the art steam machine machines that makes short work of cleaning those bedroom mattresses and box springs. Did you know that studies show that cleaning your mattresses 2 or 3 times a year contributes to the health of your family?

Dust, dead skin cells, sweat, body oils, and the periodic accidents of children or pets can leave your bed dusty, stained, and even smelling less fresh than you might imagine. You might even unknowingly have company in your bed such as dust mites. Every time you turn in bed, that dust and those dead skin cells fly into the air in your bedroom or get inhaled by you as you sleep which can lead to coughing, and even affect the breathing of people in your home with respiratory problems. However, when you clean that mattress periodically, you reduce the amount of dust and odors in mattresses, and the less dust in your mattress, the less dust can become airborne leaving you with cleaner bedroom air that is safer to breathe.

In addition, our organic cleaning products, will remove those unpleasant stains and odors and won’t leave behind any chemical odors or residue that will interfere with your sleep or your breathing. So, you’ll sleep better and healthier.

If your upholstery or mattresses need a good cleaning why not give us a call at 925-201-6470 or talk to our online representative and let us know how Dublin Carpet Cleaners can be of assistance to you and your home?

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